Strengthen Your Mind

I want to create a series of my WOD Crossfit videos as I embark  on the Crossfit journey.
Crossfit strengthens my mind and helps me to overcome negativity and weak thoughts.
Everyone has more than 60,000 thoughts in your mind and it’s a matter of labeling the positive or negative thoughts.

How I Started

It wasn’t a fluke. It happened in October 2013.

I have always wanted to be a Personal Trainer but never had the faith to do so. Then one fine day, I decided to go for an interview knowing that I had not had any preparation done to my body. For some reason, I became lazy and used time as an excuse. My energy and strength got depleted, however, I still went ahead thinking that if I gave it my all, I might get the job…..

This particular gym was looking for Personal Circuit Trainers.

“Welcome to the House of Doom!” he exclaimed. “Those who can’t complete the test will not get out of here alive!” lamented with a sinister chuckle.

There were 3 of us; 2 Sports graduates from a local University and myself. A wave of defeat swept over me but I shook away the negative thought persistently. We were told to complete 3 sets of 5 obstacles in 1 minute and rest 30 seconds in between each set. Looking at the obstacles, I told myself I could do them. They looked easy.


Overhead lifts

Bench Press

Sumo Lift

RX/Chin ups

Running Man

Battle Ropes

As I began my second set, my legs started to get wobbly and arms started to shake. I had chosen only a 8kg of weights for the lifts so when it came to chins up, I needed a push-up support from the bottom to get my chin over the bar and then hold for 3 seconds. We were told to perform 5 chin-ups but I was able to do 3.

“Karen, get onto the TRX!” he shouted.

Phew I was able to pull myself up with TRX and did it repeatedly for 1 minute.

I felt an excruciating pain  on my quads and arms. The 2 guys were also experiencing difficulty but I told myself I could finish. When it was time for the last set, I gave it my all and pushed myself even though my body strength was failing me bit by bit.

“Time!” he shouted. “Here’s the bonus! Everyone stands in a line and battle rope for 30 seconds. I know all of you are exhausted but give it all! Push yourself” he shouted.

I squeezed out the strength of every inch of my muscle and finally he shouted “Change!” We needed to get onto the last exercise which was “Running Man” for the last 30 seconds.

Ok the last 30 seconds I could do this! I screamed and moved like a runner on 2 hands but in a kneeling position. I collapsed at the last count and slowly picked myself up. I received a pat on the back from one of the stronger guys. “Good Work! All of you completed the training and this is called Crossfit” he said encouragingly. “Not all of you qualified for the job but I will be in touch.” He walked into his office.

“OMG! I survived and completed! eshot and WME helped me!”

Unfortunately, I puked because my body wasn’t conditioned to perform such explosive workouts.

However, I felt a sense of satisfaction and went home with an aching body.

eshot image